Dark Bean Soup Feast

I’m continually trying different things with things attempting to make various soups. I love soups and particularly bean based soups! I chose to get innovative one day a couple of years back and made an amazing Dark Bean soup and presently we eat it one time per month. I will share my “secret” formula with you here.

First you should pick the appropriate fixings. The main fixing to begin with is a major piece of Chorizo, Spanish hotdog. This will give the soup a great deal of the hot flavors that will be tasted in the soup. Alongside the Chorizo, you likewise need 1 ½ to 2 pounds ground pork. Likewise you will require 1 huge onion, 1 container of cleaved tomatoes, and 8 jars dark beans. This will all make an enormous pot of soup and keeps going us a few evenings.

When you have every one of your fixings together, eliminate the Chorizo from it’s packaging and put it in a fry container, add the ground pork, and the huge hacked onion and cook until meat is finished. Put the cooked meat into your huge soup dish and add the cleaved tomatoes and the jars of dark beans.(Do NOT channel beans or tomatoes). Add 2 cups water to blend. Mix well then sautee’ the entire day, mixing frequently.

Taste and if fundamental add Onion powder, Cumin, and Garlic salt.

About 30 minutes before you are prepared to eat make some rice. I microwave my rice! In a microwavable bowl with top I take 1 section rice to 2 sections water, add some margarine so it doesn’t get tacky and somewhat salt, then, at that point, apply cover. Microwave this on high for 5 minutes. Eliminate top and mix and set back in microwave and put on half force and microwave for 15 minutes. The rice should then be finished. Cushion rice with a fork!

To serve put a huge spoonful of rice in the lower part of a bowl, cover with soup. Then, at that point, sprinkle a portion of your #1 cheddar, I use Monterey Jack for this, and add a teaspoon of acrid cream on top to embellish soup! I likewise appreciate adding some Cuban bread toasted and buttered with the soup. Others might appreciate tortilla contributes the soup. This is a pleasant soup to play with and it is difficult to wreck it!

Alongside the Cuban bread you might need to add a little side plate of mixed greens with a chipoltle Farm dressing. This will assist with cooling the mouth if the flavoring is zesty! So put a few Margaritas in the blender and present a Mexican dinner and pause for a minute or two and appreciate!